About HOPC

HOPC is an acquisition and management company, purchasing delinquent mortgage notes from lenders in bulk at a discount price. HOPC buys nonperforming loans with new investors or with the existing lender funding the purchase.

HOPC Space in the Housing Market


HOPC is entering a unique space in the nonperforming loan portfolio market. HOPC’s goal is to try to prevent as many foreclosures as possible and to keep as many homeowners as it can in their homes.

HOPC provides a structure that allows for foreclosures while giving homeowners with problem mortgages the ability to qualify for loan modification that offers principal forgiveness and affordable mortgage payments. If the homeowner cannot qualify for loan modification, then the homeowner may still qualify to stay in their home as a short term renter with a lease option to buy back their home.

The program provides a legal solution in which all parties will gain including the homeowner, the investor, the local community and US taxpayers. HOPC expects that investors will make a better return on their investment by providing loan modifications and keeping the homeowners in their homes than by foreclosing.




John has been a Real Estate Investor and Property Manager since 1976. Currently he is also President, Realtech Financial Services, Inc., and President, Realty Financial Network, Inc.


Bob establishes underwriting guidelines for loan modifications and manages Underwriting and Processing. DRE licensed for 14 years and a member of CAMB, Bob qualifies potential buyers for home loans as a Loan Consultant.


George also serves as a Senior Loan Consultant, a role he performed earlier at Mason McDuffie Mortgage Company and Holmgran & Associates.

MARK E. FORBES – Vice President 

Mark is a licensed real estate broker with extensive experience as a private investor. Over the past twenty years, Mark has purchased and developed over fifty real estate properties in the San Fransisco area.